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Official Forums, Organised and ready to go!

I know I have been inactive for a while. I have been finishign off highschool, been to two funerals this year, and have had a lot going on, and I apologise for dropping the ball on my work on the wiki. To help make thingsm ore organised, I have setup the official Wiki Forums to help us become more organised and to come together as a community. Here, fellow players cna ask questions about the wiki and the game, and get answers easier, rather than postign them as comments on specific pages. Alliances can be advertised to recruit those that appear dedicated to the game, spendign time on the wiki, and takign the time to learn about the game. It also offers mroe space for words than the typical public profile in game, and allows the use of images and discussion. Updates for game of war can be posted, however it may be a while until soembody posts these regularly, and any major changes to the wiki will be added into this board right here. As well as a discussion board, and room for many other boards, I hope you like the implementatin, and begin to use it.
Furthermore, I hope a wiki board can help us be more organised with updatign the wiki, rather than posting on one anothers walls. In the futurue I hope to add blogs to profiles, but while the community is still small and theres heaps of work to be done, I don;t believe that they are neccessary, and I want to get the forums established first. I may also open a board for job requests, as I have a few nive ideas in mind to make this wiki a little more personal to the Game of War community.
As always happy editing, and stay in touch.
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