Alliance funds are currency that Rank 4 and 5 alliance members can use to stock up the alliance shop with items that all members may then purchase using loyalty.


Alliance funds are used to buy an alliance power-ups, resources, specials and speed-ups from the alliance store catalog.

Alliance Funds - Boost

A great way of increasing alliance funds is to join any alliance that has Open Recruitment.


1. Have VIP turned on when you reach a point when you can instantly complete basic and alliance quests.

2. Complete all alliance quests and then leave the alliance that you are in. Join the next alliance. Repeat this as many times as the amount of alliances you can join.

3. Do "Correct for Rewards" in the menu to get funds and loyalty but you can only do 5 corrections every 8 hours, and you only receive this reward if itss the correct " correction".

Note: This is considered by many to be a dishonorable way to receive alliance funds and can result in your account being banned from alliances.