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Armored Pikemen
Armored Pikemen
Type: Infantry
Upkeep: 3 Power: 24 Load: 12
Attack: 3 Defense: 3

Health: 3 Speed: 2

Training Costs
Stone Req Wood Req Ore Req Food Req Silver Req Time Req
0 150 112 150 10 23s
Armored Pikemen are a Tier 3 Infantry unit that can only be unlocked after getting a Lv.15 Academy and Ballistas. They have even more attack, defence and health then their Tier 2 predecessors. Armored Pikemen are slightly slower than Hoplites, but for what they lack in speed, they gain in survivability, more power and a larger load, allowing them to survive longer and gain more resourses on resourse tiles.


  • Medium movement speed.
  • Good Attack, Defense, and Health.


  • Difficult to train as they require a level 15 academy.
  • Take longer than Tier 2 troops to train, especially in large numbers.
  • Weak vs Ranged.
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