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Ballista's are a Tier 2 Siege unit that can only be unlocked after getting a Lv.8 Academy and Skirmish Archers. Like all other Siege Units, they are specifically designed to take down an Empire's Defences. They have even more attack, defence and health then their Tier 1 predecessors. Unlike most new troops, the Ballista retains the same speed stat as its Tier 1 counterpart. However, they still have more power and a larger load, allowing them to survive longer and gain more resourses on resourse tiles.


  • Average Attack, Defence and Health.
  • Strong Vs Defences (Wall Traps).
  • High movement speed.


  • Take longer than Tier 1 troops to train, especially in large numbers.
  • Weak Vs Infantry, Cavalry and Ranged.


They do have a high load capacity (10) and can carry a lot of resource quantity. Higher tier Siege units can struggle with gathering due to their slow move speed. Unlike higher tier Siege units, Ballista's have a high movement speed and can be helpful when gathering.

Basic Strategic Wild
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