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Bone Bricks are Tier 1 Wild Traps Units, and are considered the most powerful Bricks in the game, but are identical to Iron Bricks in both resources and time to build. However, later down the Wild Traps research tree is additional Wild Trap Defence which will help the Bone Bricks stand out from the others, and allow them to take more damage. Before the player can create Bone Bricks, they first must complete the "Bone Bricks" research in the Wild Traps research tree.

Bone Bricks Research

Researching Bone Bricks requires Wood Req1,500,Ore Req1,500,Stone Req1,500, Silver Req3,000 and Food Req5,000. The Original time to complete the research is 1 day.

Upon completion of the research, the player is rewarded;

  • The ability to build Bone Bricks
  • XP Req60 Hero XP
  • Power Req3,757 Power


  • Cost the same resources as Iron bricks to make.
  • Can gain further defence from Wild Trap Defence research.


  • Requires additional research to unlock.
Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 BricksWar BricksIron BricksBone Bricks
RangedArcher TowerLongbow TowerPoisoned Spikes
CavalrySpikesPitfallWild Dogs
InfantryBoiling TarRolling WallFlamebow Tower
Tier 2 RangedTurretSentry TowerTar Trap
CavalrySnaresFlaming CartsSnake Drop
InfantrySteam CannonArrow WallArrow Launcher
Tier 3 RangedCatapultDefense TowerCrocodile Pit
CavalryCaltropsPoison SwampFlaming Log
InfantryBurning RocksPendulumDragon Spitter
Tier 4 RangedTrebuchetBallista TowerSpinning Axes
CavalrySpiked BarricadeSmoke BombTitan Tree
InfantryGreek FireWar BarricadeFire Artillery
  • NOTE: The trap type (eg. Ranged) refers to what the trap is strong against.

Trap Poll

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