Boars have Arrived

Boars have stampeded in. Sizzle them of a taste of GOLD, ALL-New Materials, Cores, Maps, Map Pieces, Pieces, Gems, Gifts for your Alliance, and Resources for your Hear and Empire.

Featured this Month - the Boards Gem: Debuff your opponents' Troop Health!

Lvl 1 Boars Gem: 2% Opponent Troop Health Debuff and 2% Strategic Opponent Troop Health Debuff






Please note: You can acquire Materials, Maps and Pieces by attacking Boards, defeating them, and occupying the BBQ Platter Tile. Read more about these features below.

Maps will guide you to all the Cores those pesky Monsters have hidden beneath the earth. Though Monsters continue to hoard Pieces, to find Cores and otherRICHES, from now on, you'll need Treasure Maps.

Located in the Items Store under Treasure is an EXCLUSIVE Calydonioan Boar Chest. Use it for a chance to get Boar Gems, Cores, Pieces and Materials!

We've added ALL-NEW Boar Equipment, Cores, and Pieces. Use the limited Materials to craft Hero Equipment while Boards are still juicy.

Here are the Hero items on our Menu:

Permanent Equipment:

Swine Hat (Hero Level 50)

Hogzilla Cape

Razorback Axe

The Calydonian Boar is hogging up all the new materials and leaving you with nothing! don't let it win! Butcher it now to loot those exclusive materials before it sprints out of here!

Monster Details

Must be in an Alliance to attack this Monster.

Opal Gift given to the Alliance who deals the killing blow

Chance an item drop with each attack.






Mythic Gift

Occupy the BBQ Platter to have a chance at finding the most delicious Materials ever! Everyone will want more than their fair share! So get these BBQ Platters and dine to your heart's content before they are wiped clean!

Baby Back Ribs

Pork Rinds

Smoky BBQ Sauce

Branding Iron

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