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The Candy Cane Gem is part of the Winter 2014 Special Event. They are dropped by Terrifying Krampuses, found in Krampus Lairs and as part of Alliance Gifts. The Candy Cane Gem raises Troop and Strategic Troop Health Bonuses. It has the same bonuses as a normal Health Gem . Since it's a different gem type, you could have a Health Gem and a Candy Cane Gem embeded in the same item for double the bonuses.

Gem Properties

Level Boosts
Lvl 1 Troop Health Bonus: 2%
Strategic Troop Health Bonus: 2%
Lvl 2 Troop Health Bonus: 5%
Strategic Troop Health Bonus: 5%
Lvl 3 Troop Health Bonus: 10%
Strategic Troop Health Bonus: 10%
Lvl 4 Troop Health Bonus: 15%
Strategic Troop Health Bonus: 15%
Lvl 5 Troop Health Bonus: 20%
Strategic Troop Health Bonus: 20%
Lvl 6 Troop Health Bonus: 25%
Strategic Troop Health Bonus: 25%
Gem Name Tiles
Some attributes
First 1
Second 2
Third 3
Other attributes
Fourth 4
Fifth 5
Sixth 6
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Level Boosts
Lvl 1 Template:Boost1
Lvl 2 Template:Boost2
Lvl 3 Template:Boost3
Lvl 4 Template:Boost4
Lvl 5 Template:Boost5
Lvl 6 Template:Boost6

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