"Equipment can be Crafted in the Forge and then Equipped to your Hero. This Equipment can give valuable Boosts to your Empire (only when attached to your Hero). Equipment comes in 5 categories: Weapons, Helmets, Armors, Accessories, and Foot Armor." -Game of War: Fire Age "How to Play"

Equipment Categories

Weapons Helmets Armor Accessories Foot Armor Special Event Gear
Weapons (relic) Helmets (relic) Armor (relic) Accessories (relic) Foot Armor (relic)

Equipment can be augmented with Gems that can provide additional boosts to the equipment's base boosts, or add additional types of boosts to the given equipment.

Relics are a type of equipment that can be crafted. Unlike normal equipment, the boost provide by relics last for a fix amount of time, after that the relic disappears.

Equipment Spreadsheet

Does not include Xerxes Elephants, Nian Lions or newest Xena gear.


Relics Spreadsheet


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