Sphinx chest

Tomb Sand

Desert Cotton

Phaoroh Necklace Core

Cat Statue

Scarab Brooch

Palm Branch

Purple Dye

Model Pyramid

Sphinx Map

Scarab Sandals Core

Magister Chest

Ancient Stylus


Eyes of Intellect

Body Figure

Mind Figure

Ears of Acumen

Holy Cloth

Hermes Winged Chest

Thief's Lucky Coin

Copper Scales

Messenger Scroll

Leather Buckle

Gold Hooks


Pegasus Symbol

Gem of Flight

Anubis Warrior Chest

Baboon's Protection

Jackal's Protection

Anubis Warrior Map

Olive Oil


Aloe Vera Leaves

Imset's Protection

Griffin Down

Circular Buttons

Grip of Thyme

Peshesh-Kef Wand Core

Falcon's Protection

Anubis Idol Staff Core

Embalming Tool

Executioner Chest

Vile Wrappings

Flask of Poison


Rusted Chains

Ancient Urn

Wooden Stake

Griffin Chest

Griffin Egg

Jeweled Brooch

Hieroglyph Plate

Olive Oil

Circular Buttons

Silver Anklet

Griffin Down

Griffin Wing Armor Core


Eagle Standard

Griffin Map

Griffin Pinions

Faded Headdress


Yamata no Orochi Chest

Great Wave Gem

Vase of Sea Water

Elegant Red Ribbon

Baroque Pearl

Snail Shell

Golden Thread

Lacquer Box

Ancient Scroll

Sea Shell

String of Coins

Yamata no Orochi Map

Silver Scales

Fisherman's Robe Core


Yamata no Orochi Egg

Sake Bottle

Palace Pearls

Tortoise Shell

Fisherman's Sandals Core


Fisherman's Cup Core

Seahorse Statue

Jorogumo Chest

Giant Spider Fangs

Embroidered Silk

Spider Hide Legplates Core

Arachne Brooch

Spider's Egg Sac

River Rock


Jorogumo Map

Jorogumo's Leg

Spider Switch Sword Core

Petrified Spider

Spider Eyes  

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