An overview of the Empire

See also: Buildings

The Empire primarily consists of the stronghold, marketplacegraveyard, prison , gymnos, academy, watchtower and many other rural and urban buildings. It is also where the player first meets Athena, who embarks on a small mission to teach the player the ropes on building an Empire, inorder to start waging war on the lands as soon as possible. Within the walls is where the mischief begins, training troops, collecting resources, plotting attacks, hero rescue missions and more. Lots of time will be spent researching new technologies and methods, training troops, harvesting resourses to fuel the Emprie, exploring dungeons, spying on neighbours and exchanging stocks.

To get insight on what's going on in another players Empire, a watchtower needs to be build to scout them. It's always ag reat idea to scout somebody before you attack, you never know whats behind their walls.

Changing the Empire Name:

When you begin, be sure to change your name from "Empire.xxxx" by going to ITEMS > MY ITEMS > SPECIAL and using the City Rename. This will help make you feel right at home, and it will let others know you're serious about the game, and can help with being more social and finding an Alliance. More Empire name changes can be purchased from an alliance store for just 5,000 loyalty points.

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