I don't know about the epic teleport. But to port into another kingdom (a protected kingdom) it tells me you need your empire with you in that kingdom. If u leave the alliance I'm not sure yet. But for me it popped up also "need an ancient advanced teleport that can be found in the gold store" I checked all the packages in the store and didn't find this. I also checked my alliance store (I believe EPIC ports were in the alliance store) I know that we used to be able to move to another kingdom, I just started up again after 2 years of not playing and I got hit, hero taken, and EGG ON MY FACE! my princess is too pretty to be rocking eggs all day n night unless I get my hero back. Or until she's beheaded, not sure. A lot of changes I noticed some are good Ex. Opening chests all at once. New avatar pics and a 22 stronghold gold color. Real fancy GOW. Not happy about the egg on my avatar, the hit was by an over 15 BIL So I can't find anyone who can beat her IN MY KINGDOM lol. My dude who could free her lives in another kingdom. So yeah. Regular ports probably during kvk in non protected kingdoms. I also noticed our profiles now states our present kingdom name and the original kingdom where we started. Mine says "Octavia 452 - Octavia was defeated in the ~something war" I forget exactly but I thought it was cute. Go Go Gowers!! 💪💀💯💯💯

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