March Speed

Food Production concerns the speed at which your city produces food.

Boosting Through Research

You may boost your Food Production by doing research at your academy.

Located under the Economics group, you will have to level Construction before being able to research Food Production.

Usage of Food

Food is needed to train Swordsmen and other units from the barracks as such a steady supply of food is needed to maintain the army. Food is also needed to build certain Wall Traps.

Level Research Time Building Pre-Req Wood Stone Food Ore Silver March Speed Hero XP Power
1 +1%
2 +2%
3 +3%
4 +4%
5 +5%
6 +7%
7 ? +9%
8 +12%
9 Academy Level 19 128,000 76,800 6,400 102,400 3,592,000 +15% +108,000 +179,600
10 +21%

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