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Welcome to the Game Of War Wiki, a hotspot for all things Game Of War: Fire age. This wiki allows players from across the globe to contribute to a wonder in the making - a place where anyone can find out about anything in the Game Of War universe, including game updates, content, items, buffs, stats and mobs.

We really appreciate all the content that you can contribute to the wiki, be it an image, some useful tips or information, or some minor edits/tweaks to existing content, fixing up a minor typo, or an entire sentence that needs restructuring. If you really want to help, you can see what work needs to be done on the Work to be done page, or simply add anything that still needs to be done or fixed, so we can get straight onto it!

If you find any errors or missing information, broken links, please do report them. Better yet, if you stumble upon anything in your exploration please don't be afraid to patch it up. We need all the help we can get to expand the Wiki, as it is far from complete, and it's not being updated as fast as the game is. All help is appreciated by the entire community, so here's a big THANK YOU in advance. :)

What is Game of War?

Game of War is one of the biggest mobile platform RPG games. It requires the player to be very active, work with an alliance, gather resources (wood, stone, food, ore and gold) by any means necessary, whether that's producing it, harvesting it or just taking it out from under other players. The main objective of the game is to get to stronghold level 21. Maxing everything there is to upgrade, obtaining the most powerful hero, troops, traps, defense's and resource production. You will continue to upgrade things along the way, attack and dominate others, working with an alliance to rule the kingdoms, depending on your intentions to protect or destroy them.

The Latest Trailer:

Game of War - "HERO" ft01:01

Game of War - "HERO" ft. Mariah Carey - Strategy MMO Game-0

The latest Game of War Trailer.


  • Help us update our pages with the new Wild Troops, Wild Research and all the new Game of War items!
  • keen on becomming a wikia contributor? Join the new in game chat "GoW Wikia" today for duscussions on all things GoW Wiki.

Latest Updates

5th January - More Wild Troop Research!

Even more research to wrap our heads around!

  • Level 9 Enemy Infantry, Ranged and Cavalry Defense Debuff - Reduces your enemy's Defence for all troop types.
  • Level 9 Enemy Infantry, Ranged and Cavalry Health Debuff - Reduces your enemy's Health for all troop types.
  • Level 9 Enemy Infantry, Ranged and Cavalry Attack Debuff - Reduces your enemy's Attack for all troop types.

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