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Immortals are a Tier 4 Infantry unit that can be unlocked after getting a Lv. 21 Academy, Siege Tower and Infantry Defense Lv 10 Research. They have even more attack, defence and health than their Tier 3 predecessors. Immortals have the slowest possible movement speed, but for what they lack in speed, they gain in survivability, more power and a larger load, allowing them to survive longer and gain more resourses on resourse tiles. Due to their immense strength, Immortals are feared in the heat of combat and are less likely to die than other infantry units.


  • Best Attack, Defense, and Health.
  • Very high power increase for the Empire.


  • Difficult to train as they require a level 21 academy, and most Combat Research.
  • Take much longer to train than any other tier.
  • Weak vs Ranged.
  • Have the lowest movement speed.
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