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Iron Bricks are Tier 1 Units that players will have access to after completing the "Trap Building" research in the "Wall Traps" category of Research. New players might find it beneficial to stock up on Iron Bricks, to help fend off from other low level players. Although Iron Bricks offer very little protection, and can even be considered a "Tier 0" Unit due to the lack of stats, a large number of them can be made very quickly and for a very little cost, to help strengthen a players Empire. This can make them a viable option to fill some Wall Defence spaces before an event, after being attacked, or for a temporary defence boost while making higher tier traps.


  • Cost 8 Ore instead of 10 Stone which it costs to build War Bricks.
  • Extremely low building time, approximately 12x faster than Tier 1 troops.
  • Cheap to Build, especially in large numbers.
  • Aren't weak to Infantry, Ranged or Cavalry.


  • Weak vs Siege.
  • Aren't "Strong" against any particular type of invading troop.
  • Only have Low stats.
Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 BricksWar BricksIron BricksBone Bricks
RangedArcher TowerLongbow TowerPoisoned Spikes
CavalrySpikesPitfallWild Dogs
InfantryBoiling TarRolling WallFlamebow Tower
Tier 2 RangedTurretSentry TowerTar Trap
CavalrySnaresFlaming CartsSnake Drop
InfantrySteam CannonArrow WallArrow Launcher
Tier 3 RangedCatapultDefense TowerCrocodile Pit
CavalryCaltropsPoison SwampFlaming Log
InfantryBurning RocksPendulumDragon Spitter
Tier 4 RangedTrebuchetBallista TowerSpinning Axes
CavalrySpiked BarricadeSmoke BombTitan Tree
InfantryGreek FireWar BarricadeFire Artillery
  • NOTE: The trap type (eg. Ranged) refers to what the trap is strong against.

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