The leprechaun is a Mythic Beast in Game of war Fire Age and serves as a temporarily Boss enemy for players to kill in order to obtain a decent amount of gold. Leprechauns will be removed from the game until the very end of March.

Leprechauns are part of the original set of monsters that could be attack by troops and rallied. Game play has since changed and Leprechauns are attacked like all other monsters, by a player's Hero using Hero Energy, like all other monsters. Higher level Leprechauns take more energy per attack.


A Level 3 Leprechaun flipping a coin

Historic Information

The following is from the original game play, it is no longer true.

Leprechauns are extremely difficult to kill without the use of tier 3 or tier 4 units as it's immense defense and attack can wipeout whole legions of tier 1 units while taking little to no damage at all itself.

Leprechauns require the toughest units ranging from a platoon of Immortals to War Elephants even a fully equipped hero to take down a single leprechaun.

A Level 3 Leprechaun can be killed in a single blow with a rally of between 600K and 800K T3 troops, depending on boosts, with under 100 troop losses.

A Level 4 Leprechaun can be killed in a single blow with a rally of between 900K and 1M T3 troops, depending on boosts, with troop losses between 50 and 200.

A Level 5 Leprechaun can be killed in a single blow with a rally of around 1.5M T3 troops, depending on boosts.


  • Leprechauns are not depicted to be violent rather then only to protect their pot of gold as said in some fairy tales.

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