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Misc Quests are Quests that reward you for miscellaneous tasks/achienvemets such as reaching Hero levels, and becoming the King of a Kingdom. This page is dedicated to listing all of the Misc Quests in the game. Quests are indexed alphabetically by their title, with the easiest quests first, and the more complex quests last. (Eg. Construction Speed 1, Construction Speed 2, Wood Production)

Adding a quest:

To add a quest to this page, click the edit button, and go into the Source code editor. In there, find the title to put the Quest under, and below the number correlating to the research, add the Template:QuestReward. If there is not a title, use the Template:QuestTitle to index that quest onto the page.

Quests are listed under each sub-type in the order in which they appear.

Hero Levels

Hero Makings of a Legend
Level Up your Hero to level X.
Level Up your Hero to level 50.
Level Up your Hero to level 50.
XP Req
Power Req
Silver Req
Stone Req
Wood Req
Ore Req
Food Req
125,000 25,000 0 0 0 0 0

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