The Peace Shield item will protect your city from attacks and scouts.  It is a very powerful item, and can be invoked in many situations when you are in trouble.

You cannot however, activate the Peace Shield when your Prison contains a captured hero, or if your troops are escourting a captured hero back to base.  You also cannot activate the Peace Shield if you have reinforcements within your Embassy. However, a city with an already-activated Peace Shield can have reinforcements sent to it, and the Peace Shield will protect the reinforcements from attacks and scouts.

When the item is active, a blue flame shield will appear around your city in Kingdom view.  This sometimes attracts attention and also signifies that you cannot be scouted or attacked, and would-be attackers will typically look elsewhere.  This is in contrast to the Anti Scout, which does not give any visual indication that the boost is active.


You can continue to farm resource tiles while under Peace Shield, because you are not attacking. Note that you cannot attack into a tile that is already occupied by an enemy: due to an active Peace Shield, your troops will turn around and return back to the city without attacking the occupying force or gathering.

However, with your troops occupying a resource tile, your troops CAN be attacked even when you have Peace Shield on, so you are still vulnerable to tile hit attacks.


The Peace Shield has several different lengths of time, and are valued differently depending on the duration.

Item Duration Cost

Value (lower is better)

8 Hour Peace Shield 500 G 62.5 G/hr
24 Hour Peace Shield 1500 G 62.5 G/hr
3 Day Peace Shield 2500 G 34.7 G/hr
30 Day Peace Shield 45000 G 62.5 G/hr

The 3 Day Peace Shield has the best value in gold per hour.