Perseus' Bow (Accessory) - a Treasured weapon that was once Medusa's. Since her defeat, Perseus had claimed it as his own.

File:Weaapon Temp.png

Best Used For: This is Gear is really only needed if you like to hunt monsters. As it might add additional damage too monsters. It will not add any additional damage to attacking other players or your own defense.


Some of the materials used might require extra work to obtain. This might require you to buy a pack obtaining Halloween chest and Olympic chest.


Hero Level 35
53,738,000 silver
Silver Req
Mother Of Pearl (Olympic Materials)
Velvet (Olympic Materials)
Soul ( Halloween Materials)

Boosts Granted

Boost Inferior (1) Common (2) Uncommon (3) Rare (4) Epic (5) Legendary (6)
Monster Defense Debuff 1.64% 2.05% 2.56% 3.2% 4% 5%
Monster Attack Bonus 1.64% 2.05% 2.56% 3.2% 4% 5%
Maximum Energy Limit 400 500 750% 950 1,200 1,500

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