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Crafting Research allows the user to upgrade specific areas of their empire, troops or her through the use of the academy building.

This page includes a lot of tables and information, it is recommended to use the contents guide to find what you are looking for. Not all the requirements have been updated, please feel free to add the requirements for your next upgrade.

This is the biggest research tree in the game. It's intended for very high power players, 1 billion in power or more. At high levels, some of the research takes thousands of days.

Research Categories

The major research sections in the Crafting category are the Core Mastery and extra Pieces, Crafting Refinement, Relic and Core Gem Slot, Normal Gear Gem Slot and miscellaneous crafting research. These allow the player to "purchase" and unlock new core gear and a 4th gem slot when they reach a high enough academy level.


Wood Req Wood: TBD
Stone Req Stone: TBD
Food Req Food: TBD
Ore Req Ore: TBD
Silver Req Silver: TBD
Time: TBD
Power: TBD

Core Mastery Overview

Level WoodWood Req StoneStone Req OreOre Req FoodFood Req SilverSilver Req Time Requirements Rewards XP Power
1 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,250 13,630 00:30:00 Academy 1 Core Crafting Level 1 360
2 225,610 209,070 164,250 193,040 325,730 07:40:10 Academy 7
Gathering II 3
Core Crafting Level 2 8,720
3 1,224,860 1,161,290 1,045,700 1,088,840 1,898,430 2d 10:31:00 Academy 12
Troop Load II 5
Core Crafting Level 3 41,600 50,840
4 2,622,460 2,641,680 2,187,860 2,218,100 2,439,565 29d 13:16:00 Academy 15
Crafting Cost Reduction 4
Core Crafting Level 4 70,400 130,670
5 8,127,470 7,565,590 7,398,440 7,787,990 6,826,405 452d 19:30:00 Academy 18
Duration II 5
Core Crafting Level 5 120,800 365,630
6 32,896,710 32,757,440 31,264,870 30,195,460 44,623,030 662d 02:17:00 Academy 21
Duration III 10
Core Crafting Level 6 240,000 2,390,090

Core Mastery Level 1: 360 power, 0:13

Level 1 Crafting Refinement:

1: 70 power, 1:00

2: 170 power, 1:00

3: 380 power, 2:45

Gathering II

1: 80 power, 0:25

2: 170 power, 1:00

3: 390 power, 1:45

4: 870 power, 4:30

Piece Gathering

1: 5400 power, 2:45

Core Mastery Level 2: 8720 power, 3:30

Troop Load II

Level 2 Crafting Refinement

Core Master Level 3

Core Gathering

Crafting Cost Reduction

Level 3 Crafting Refinement

Crafting Speed

Core Mastery Level 4

Fourth Gem Slot in Core/Relic Foot Armor

4th Piece Crafting Slot

Level 4 Crafting Refinement

Duration II

Core Crafting Luck

Fourth Gem Slot in Core/Relic Helm Equipment

Core Mastery Level 5

Fourth Gem Slot in Core/Relic Armor Equipment

Crafting Cost Reduction

Level 5 Crafting Refinement

Crafting Speed II

Fourth Gem Slot in Normal Foot Armor

Duration III

Core Crafting Luck II

Core Mastery Level 6

Fourth Gem Slot in Core/Relic Weapon Equipment

Level 6 Crafting Refinement

Fourth Gem Slot in Normal Armor Equipment

Fourth Gem Slot in Normal Helm Equipment

Fourth Gem Slot in Normal Weapon Equipment

Fourth Gem Slot in Core/Relic Accessory Equipment

5th Piece Crafting Slot

Accessory Slot No. 2 - Equip Accessory w/ 4th Gem

Fourth Gem Slot in Normal Accessory Equipment

6th Piece Crafting Slot

Accessory Slot No. 3 - Equip Accessory w/ 4th Gem


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