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Sentry Towers are Tier 2 Units that players will have access to after completing the "Longbow Tower" and "Turret" Research in the "Strategic Traps" and "Wall Traps" Research Category respectively, along with a Lv.10 Academy. Like all other Traps, Sentry Towers help defend the player's Empire from enemy invasions. These specific traps are fairly fast and cheap to produce, and are primarily useful in defending against Tier 1 or Tier 2 Ranged troops.


  • Salvage cost and Building times are still fairly low.
  • Cheap to Build, especially in large numbers.
  • Very Strong vs Ranged.


  • Weak vs Siege, Infantry and Cavalry.
  • Only have Medium stats.
  • Cost twice as long and as much as Tier 1's.
Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 BricksWar BricksIron BricksBone Bricks
RangedArcher TowerLongbow TowerPoisoned Spikes
CavalrySpikesPitfallWild Dogs
InfantryBoiling TarRolling WallFlamebow Tower
Tier 2 RangedTurretSentry TowerTar Trap
CavalrySnaresFlaming CartsSnake Drop
InfantrySteam CannonArrow WallArrow Launcher
Tier 3 RangedCatapultDefense TowerCrocodile Pit
CavalryCaltropsPoison SwampFlaming Log
InfantryBurning RocksPendulumDragon Spitter
Tier 4 RangedTrebuchetBallista TowerSpinning Axes
CavalrySpiked BarricadeSmoke BombTitan Tree
InfantryGreek FireWar BarricadeFire Artillery
  • NOTE: The trap type (eg. Ranged) refers to what the trap is strong against.

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