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Slingers are a Tier 1 Ranged unit that is unlocked after the player completes the tutorial with Athena. They are armed with only a sling and an iron helmet. Slingers can be a temporary fix for empires on a tight budget or a good counter for low-level, high infantry empires.


  • Stong vs Infantry and Siege.
  • Upkeep Cost and Training times are low.


  • Weak against Cavalry.
  • Like all Tier 1 units, they are ineffective against Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 Units in battle.
Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 InfantrySwordsmenSpearmenBarbarians
SiegeBattering RamTrojan HorseBallista Ravager
Tier 2 InfantryHoplitesPeltastsAxemen
RangedSkirmish ArcherRangersAxe Throwers
CavalryLight CavalryScythed ChariotsMarauders
SiegeBallistaSpear TowerDragonfire Cannon
Tier 3 InfantryArmored PikemenPhalangiteBerserkers
CavalryCompanion CavalryLancersAmazons
SiegeSiege TowerFlaming TrebuchetWar Ram
Tier 4 InfantryImmortalsLegionnairesValkyries
CavalryWar ElephantsCataphractsJuggernauts
SiegeOnagerBarricade DrillSiege Elephant

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