Special Events Gear - in chronological order, most recent first. Sometimes events reoccur and are expanded -- Xena, Fire Age -- in that case, the event appears in the order it first occured.

Xena's Gear

Razor Ribbon Wand (Weapon) 50

Hoops of Heartbreak (Accessory) 50

Pumps of Peril (Feet) 50

Undeniably Elite Toes (Feet) 50

Xena's Crown (Helm) 50 - This item is unusual in that it can be crafted with just normal materials and doesn't require Special Event Materials.

Violent Beauty (Armor) 50

Mysterious Guise (Helm) 50

Vulture Tiara (Helm) 50

Violent Beauty Wings (Accessory) 50

Feathered Fortress Armor (Armor) 50

Shield From Foes (Weapon) 50

Enchanted Bracelet (Accessory) 50

Needled Heart (Weapon) 50

Risque Gown (Armor) 50

Fatal Toes Shoes (Feet) 50

Fire Age 2015

Char Crusher (Weapon) 50

Slag Stomper Boots (Feet) 50

Hell Vent Helm (Helm) 50

Lava Wielders (Accessory) 50

Molten Core Cage (Armor) 50

Nian Lion 2015 Event Gear

Jade Legend (Weapon) 45

Year of the Sheep Dress (Armor) 45

Nian Mask (Helm) 45

Xerxes Elephant 2015 Event Gear

Elephant Headress (Helm) 50

Ornate Tusk (Weapon) 50

Ivory Armor of Xerxes (Armor) 50

Winter 2014 Event Gear

Ice Sickle

Blizzard Blade

Glacier Shield

Mammoth Husk Spear

Glacier Wolf Head Dress

Antler Helm

Ice Helm

Mammoth Skull

Glacier Wolf Pauldron

Ice Brigade

Ice Gauntlet

Mammoth Bone Cuirass

Glacier Wolf Tooth Necklace

Everlasting Snow Pendant

Mammoth Husk Bracelet

Glacier Wolf Pelt Boots

Ice Boots

Mammoth Hide Greaves

Fall 2014 Event Gear

Hogzilla Cape 50

Swine Hat 50

Razorback Axe 50

Fire Age Gear 2014

Spear of Fire 50

Damascus Steel Fire Sword 50

Helm of Fire 50

Fiery Necklace of Harmonia 50

Glowing Mask of Flames 50

Fiery Cloak of Fantasy 50

Halloween 2014 Event Gear

Chained Walker 40

Cutting Double Scythe 50

Death Helmet 40

Reaper's Hood 50

Olympus 2014 Gear

Hades Axe 45

Perseus Gladius 30

Perseus Shield 25

Cyclops 2014 Event Gear

Chained Marble Hammer

One Year Anniversary Gear

Fire-Tipped Spear 50

Inferno Armband 50

Inferno Legplates 50

Golem 2014 Event Gear

Boulder Boots 40

Boulder Helm 40

Boulder Shield 45

Boulder Shoulder Guard 30

Diamond Spiked Club 50

Earth Stone Armor 40

Earth Stone Boots 30

Granite Hammer 35

Pebble Neckalace 45

Precious Golem Ring 25

Ruby Power Glove 50

Spiked Rock Skull 35

Stone Face Plate 45

Stone Skull Greaves 35

Stone Skull Kit 35

Spring 2014 Event Gear

Charm Bracelet 40

Demeter's Spear 50

Gaia's Curass 30

Jackalope Helm 50

Oak Clogs 15

Rabbit Boots 20

Rabbit Dagger 35

Rabbit Helm 40

Rabbit's Foot 25

Rain Drop Necklace 35

Spring Loaded Crossbow 45

Wicker Hat 45

Winter 2013 Event Gear

Antlers Helm 40

Blizzard Blade 35

Glacier Shield 50

Glacier Wolf Head Dress 30

Glacier Wolf Pauldron 30

Glacier Wolf Pelt Boots 35

Glacier Wold Tooth Necklace 25

Ice Boots 20

Ice Brigade 50

Ice Gauntlet 35

Fall 2013 Event Gear

Cargo Leggings 35

Cup of a Carpenter 35

Diamond Pitchfork 40

Fine Boots 30

Giant Meat Knife 50

Harvest Armor 32

Harvest Boots 27

Harvest Helm 40

Harvest Pants 40

Harvest Ring 25

Halloween 2013 Event Gear

Dead Man's Armor 38

Fire Pitchfork 35

Haunted Boots 10

Haunted Sword 50

Jack-O-Lantern 40

Mummified Boots 25

The Reaper's Scythe 35

Special Event Gear by Type




Foot Armor


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