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Spiked Barricade are Tier 4 Units that are one of the best Wall Traps. These traps cost a lot of resources, but also yield a very high Power rating, and have very strong Attack, Defense and Health stats. Although they aren't strong against two categories of troops like the Tier 3 Traps are, Tier 4 Traps aren't weak to any types of troop in particular, meaning they even have a higher chance of surviving from siege units. Researching Spiked Barricade's requires an Academy Lv.21, "Trap Defense Lv.10"  and Caltrops to have been unlocked.


  • Aren't weak to any particular troop.
  • Strong vs Cavalry.
  • Very Strong stats.


  • Salvage cost and Building times are expensive and long, especially for big queues.
  • Takes a long time to make a large batch of Traps.
Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 BricksWar BricksIron BricksBone Bricks
RangedArcher TowerLongbow TowerPoisoned Spikes
CavalrySpikesPitfallWild Dogs
InfantryBoiling TarRolling WallFlamebow Tower
Tier 2 RangedTurretSentry TowerTar Trap
CavalrySnaresFlaming CartsSnake Drop
InfantrySteam CannonArrow WallArrow Launcher
Tier 3 RangedCatapultDefense TowerCrocodile Pit
CavalryCaltropsPoison SwampFlaming Log
InfantryBurning RocksPendulumDragon Spitter
Tier 4 RangedTrebuchetBallista TowerSpinning Axes
CavalrySpiked BarricadeSmoke BombTitan Tree
InfantryGreek FireWar BarricadeFire Artillery
  • NOTE: The trap type (eg. Ranged) refers to what the trap is strong against.

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