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Tier 1 Troops

Swordsmen Slingers Outriders Battering Ram
Swordsmen Slingers Outriders Battering Ram

Tier 1 troops are the fastest and easiest troops to train, and are the first troops the player begins to train. They are primarily used for gathering resourses, attacking , and defending the low level player from similar level players once their Peace Shield runs out. Tier 1 infantry and ranged troops are faster than any of the same type in other tiers, meaning they can be ideal to use in order to get to and claim a skill plot first.

All tier 1 troops are unlocked as a reward from completing the tutorial with Athena. Once unlocked it's a good idea to start training some troops, and using the academy to begin researching combat to unlock Tier 2 Troops.

As a result, it is important to always scout your enemy and plan in advance. If they have lots of traps, you're definitely going to need a lot of siege. An alternative would be to send one attack of siege to take out the defences, and another wave of troops to clear out the rest.

Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 InfantrySwordsmenSpearmenBarbarians
SiegeBattering RamTrojan HorseBallista Ravager
Tier 2 InfantryHoplitesPeltastsAxemen
RangedSkirmish ArcherRangersAxe Throwers
CavalryLight CavalryScythed ChariotsMarauders
SiegeBallistaSpear TowerDragonfire Cannon
Tier 3 InfantryArmored PikemenPhalangiteBerserkers
CavalryCompanion CavalryLancersAmazons
SiegeSiege TowerFlaming TrebuchetWar Ram
Tier 4 InfantryImmortalsLegionnairesValkyries
CavalryWar ElephantsCataphractsJuggernauts
SiegeOnagerBarricade DrillSiege Elephant

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