Wall Traps - Tier 1 - Tier 2 - Tier 3 - Tier 4

Tier 1 Wall Traps

War Bricks Archer Tower Spikes Boiling Tar
War Bricks Archer Tower Spikes Boiling Tar

Tier 1 traps are the fastest and easiest traps to make, and are the first traps the player begins to build. With the exception of War Bricks, players require a Lv.5 Academy in order to complete the "Trap Building" Research in the "Wall Traps" Category in order to build these Units. They are primarily used to defend the Empire from attacks, and destroy invading enemy troops when the players first Peace Shield runs out. Tier 1 traps can quickly be mass produced and used to defend a new player from players using Tier 1 troops, or at least cause them some damage, and cost the attacker some recourses, and time, in order to train more troops.

On the contrary, it is important to always scout an enemy before initiating an attack. A scout report can detect what, and how many traps the enemy is using, which will help in planning a route of attack.

Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 BricksWar BricksIron BricksBone Bricks
RangedArcher TowerLongbow TowerPoisoned Spikes
CavalrySpikesPitfallWild Dogs
InfantryBoiling TarRolling WallFlamebow Tower
Tier 2 RangedTurretSentry TowerTar Trap
CavalrySnaresFlaming CartsSnake Drop
InfantrySteam CannonArrow WallArrow Launcher
Tier 3 RangedCatapultDefense TowerCrocodile Pit
CavalryCaltropsPoison SwampFlaming Log
InfantryBurning RocksPendulumDragon Spitter
Tier 4 RangedTrebuchetBallista TowerSpinning Axes
CavalrySpiked BarricadeSmoke BombTitan Tree
InfantryGreek FireWar BarricadeFire Artillery
  • NOTE: The trap type (eg. Ranged) refers to what the trap is strong against.

Trap Poll

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