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Tier 2 Troops

Hoplites Skirmish Archers Light Cavalry Ballista
Hoplites Skirmish Archers Light Cavalry Ballista

Tier 2 troops are the next batch of troops to be unlocked as a result of research. They cost slightly more resourses to train, and take slightly longer to train, as well as costing silver. These troops are more powerful, and therefore will earn the player more power. Unlocking and producing these troops is a very good early game goal, as it helps get the edge on any new players around, to rob their resources and snag some more upgrades, to get as many as fast as possible. When upgrading to higher tier troops, be sure to keep an eye on the food production, and that the troops don't start pulling the kingdom down into the negatives, resulting in not enough to build with.

Through use of the academy, the player can begin to increase the troop training speed, as well as their troop attack and defence. A few level's of attack are required to unlock the defence research. With level 2 Defence and an academy level 8 the player is eligible to begin researching their Tier 2 Troops. Additional research can be conducted to improve the attack and defence of tier 2 troops, which is also a requirement to start researching Tier 3 Troops.

Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 InfantrySwordsmenSpearmenBarbarians
SiegeBattering RamTrojan HorseBallista Ravager
Tier 2 InfantryHoplitesPeltastsAxemen
RangedSkirmish ArcherRangersAxe Throwers
CavalryLight CavalryScythed ChariotsMarauders
SiegeBallistaSpear TowerDragonfire Cannon
Tier 3 InfantryArmored PikemenPhalangiteBerserkers
CavalryCompanion CavalryLancersAmazons
SiegeSiege TowerFlaming TrebuchetWar Ram
Tier 4 InfantryImmortalsLegionnairesValkyries
CavalryWar ElephantsCataphractsJuggernauts
SiegeOnagerBarricade DrillSiege Elephant

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