The Treasure Map icon appears on the upper part of the world map. Pressing it takes to the Treasure Map options page. Here you can Assemble Map Pieces, check your Map Inventory, or read your Journal.

Assemble Map Pieces

To Assemble a Map, you must first find four Map Pieces of the same type and quality. Maps can be found on Monsters and as a regard in select events! Once all Map Pieces are found, tap the Assemble button.

Your newly assembled map will immediately be placed in your Map Inventory. Use your Map in your Map Inventory and follow the map to hidden treasures!

On November 20th, 2014, MachineZone added the ability to combine four lower maps in a higher map type: ie 4 Basic Maps can be combined to make 1 Common Map.

Map Inventory

A list of your completed maps.


Displays active Dig Sites. Sites remain available for 5 hours. If no one digs in 5 hours, the map disappears. Any new digging resets the 5 hour counter.

Dig Sites

The world map shows the location of the dig site. The site only appears to the original owner until digging is started. It appears as a lake to everyone else. After the digging has started, it appears as a dig site to everyone. You can be booted off the dig site just as you would from any other resource tile.

Digs range in time depending on the level and number and type of troops digging. Some digs take several days or more.

Legendary dig site result

Example Legendary Dig Site